i CF-8 : Creep Fatigue & Creep Fatigue Interaction Conference

Scope of the Conference

Performance of materials under creep, fatigue and combined creep-fatigue loadings is of utmost importance in the design, operation and reliability of high temperature components. Apart from renewable energy alternatives, advanced nuclear reactors and fossil fuel fired advanced ultra supercritical power plants provide cleaner energy options that help combat challenges involved in addressing the growing global energy demands with reduced greenhouse emissions. These involve multifaceted technologies and operating environments which pose new challenges for materials development and understanding of their mechanical behaviour. New materials are being developed to meet the applications for components operating at increasingly higher temperatures and aggressive environments. Widespread damage due to creep and fatigue encountered in aviation and transport industries adversely impact safety and reliability of associated structures. Besides, extension of the useful service life of existing operating power plants is attractive in view of the high capital costs associated with the construction of new plants. Structural integrity assessment and life management require innovative methods for materials testing, assessment of damage, remnant life prediction and materials modeling. CF-8 aims to bring together experts working in the areas of creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction, development of high temperature materials and life assessment so as to facilitate mutual interaction and exchange of knowledge and experience. It would also serve as a platform for discussion on the current advances and identify future R&D needs and collaborations in the above areas.the scope of the conference:

Following are the broad areas included in the scope of the conference:

  • Creep deformation, damage and life assessment
  • Low cycle, high cycle, very high cycle, thermomechanical and fretting fatigue
  • Creep-fatigue interaction
  • Multiaxial creep, fatigue and component testing
  • Modeling and simulation of creep and fatigue deformation and damage
  • Creep, fatigue and creep-fatigue crack growth
  • Creep and fatigue of weld joints, structural integrity and remaining life assessment
  • Environmental effects including corrosion on creep and fatigue behaviour
  • Small scale testing to assess creep and fatigue behaviour
  • Design against creep and fatigue and their interaction
  • Design codes – application to creep and fatigue
  • Materials for fission and fusion nuclear reactors
  • Materials for advanced ultra supercritical power plants
  • Materials for aerospace and defence applications
  • Irradiation effects on mechanical properties
  • Damage assessment and life extension
  • Failure analysis

Who Should Participate

Delegates: The conference would be of relevance to Researchers, Academicians, Design Engineers, Alloy Designers, Regulatory Authorities, Failure Analysts etc.

Organisations: Research and Development Organisations, Academic Institutions, Materials Manufacturers, Nuclear, Fossil fired, Automobile, Aerospace, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries etc.